Family Blogs
A hodge-podge of stuffs covering my loves and my hobbies, including (but not limited to) family, recipes/cooking and nail polish.
The Neuff
I love blogging! I write posts about life, recipes, tutorials... WHatev!
Lavender Haze
Just ramblings about stuff going on at home, with family and at church.
2 Much Testosterone
I'm a mom to three boys. Jerytt, 15 years - Isaac, 11 years - Xavier, 1 year. Having boys varying this much in age can be quite comical and trying at times. My husband is currently a stay at home super dad by day and a student by night. I kicked Postpartum Depression's ass since the birth of my third son. This blog originated to help with my PPD but has evolved into so much more. If you're offended by bad language then exit stage right. I have the mouth of a pirate and will mask it for no one.
Homemaking 101
Hi, my name is Trista and I am on a mission to be a DIY'er. I am learning as I go, whether it be sewing, cooking, or parenting. I hope you will join me as I continue on my journey to be my own kind of perfect homemaker.
Mommy's Kicking Cancer's Ass
My ramblings of living life while fighting Melanoma while raising 2 wild & crazy little boys!
Mother Lode
Celebrating creativity, nature, handmade and homemaking with a mother*lode of inspiring arts and crafts ideas for all ages!
Frugal Science Gal
This blog is based on great deals, freebies, reviews/giveaways, and science!
Live, Laugh, Love... Our Way
Hey y'all, I'm Éimí (Amy in Gaelic), married to my best friend. I'm an Air Force Wife, and a Fire Fighters wife all at the same time. I'm a Christian..."As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"...I love to cook, and take pictures, and my life...anything you wanna know...just ask...I'm pretty open about my life...
I'm a Full Time Mummy
I blog about my current full-time mummy life, product and book reviews, my previous working life (if I came around to blogging about it), and whatever issues and stuff I came across... I also have my own blog meme called "Today's Awesome Discovery" where I share awesome articles/pictures/stories from the Internet with you guys!
I'm a Home-Mom. Home is where my kids are born, where they learn, play, where I cook and craft. Home is wherever Mom is.
You Don't Know
Hi - I'm Brandy! I'm 30 years old. I'm a willy nilly hot mess. My lollygaggin money-wastin' husband Chris devoted himself to my craziness 12/99. We brought a little rolly-polly chubby-cheeked poop machine into this madness 12/08. I post real-life crap during the week and I host reviews and giveaways here on Saturdays. I throw in some crafty crap too!
A Little Bit of Kooky
A Little Bit of Kooky is just THAT---KOOKY. It combines the every day kooky-ness with funny posts, craft tutorials, mom thoughts, giveaways, and a ton of randomness with a splash of quirkiness that only the Kooky Queen can give you. I love making new bloggy friends and it overjoys me to see I've made you smile. Come visit me!
Nouns and Violets
Life with a husband, teenager, and one year-old son gives me plenty to write about! More than just family, I blog about friends and fun happening in Phoenix. You can also follow along on my fashion journey from frumpy to fabulous!
Cecelia Winesap is Obsessed With Time Life Infomercials
Mostly blogging about my adventures with my husband, work and the zany little things that happen in our world.
Tots and Me
My blog has evolved and expanded from just sharing the crafts I do with my girls. I share our weekly lessons, our letter of the week crafts, Words of Wisdom from my little girls, lots of photos of what we do and I just started sharing Reading Readiness tips.
The Gruneisen Family News
It's one stop shopping for a stay-at-home mom. It has recipes, craft ideas, reviews, parenting ideas, stories to make you laugh, and so much more. It's about getting what you need to survive the day, whether it be parenting advice, a book review to take you out of your reality, or a story to make you feel better as a mom, my blog delivers it to you.
Domestic Dame
My site was originally started as a recipe journal but has become a chronicle of one retro loving domestic dame and her journey through motherhood, frugal living, gardening, crafting, cooking and the missteps that can happen along the way.
Thoughts Of A Working Mom
Just my life in an uncensored way. I am a FT working Mom trying to make it work.
Raising Future Leaders
Hi! I'm Lisa! I'm a Homeschooling mom to 6 blessings. My blog is about family life, homebirth, breastfeeding, natural immunity, homeschooling, workboxes, my amazingly productive teens, recipes, Civil Air Patrol, and more. I love crafts of all kinds, cooking and preserving food. We raise goats and chickens on our little farm in the Hills of Kentucky.
Linda's Lunancy
Linda's Lunacy is the journal of a Christian stay at home, homeschooling mother of 6, with 4 still homeschooling. I love spending time with my family. Linda's Lunacy is all about our lives - Faith, Family, Farm and Homeschool Fun.
Stray Stitches
My blog is about quilting, crocheting, cross stitch, recipes, nail polish, and more. I try to include just a little wisdom with each post.
Two Monkeys & a washtub
Life with two young boys & their great dane, finding myself through weight loss, cooking with kids, family freebies & activities, and of course great products and giveaways!
Work, Wife, Mom... Life!
Juggling life as a working mom of two and finding the glue that holds it together is my faith. Family, working mom support and amateur crafti-ness fills the screen. Connect with our Working Mom Network and the Where In the World Are You? Network.
Making a Difference
I'm Mandi, wife to an amazing man and mom to an almost two year old princess! On my site you will find the lighter side of being a stay at home mom, bizarre parenting stories, blog tips, video recipes and an occasional post from my husband. Stop by soon!
Kabobs & Apple Pie
I'm an Iranian-American married to a mid-western All-American boy. We combined our disparate lives and much happiness, conflict and wackiness ensued. We have our fair share of ups and downs, but our life is pretty good. And, it's definitely interesting, especially now that we're parents to a funny and rambunctious toddler.
Pickup Some Creativity
My goal in writing my blog is to help YOU discover your creativity, and help your children to develop theirs as well. I believe we are all born with the divine need to create. It just takes finding the avenues that work for you. I have several free tutorials and patterns, and also host a Sewing 101 series monthly. I even find creativity comes in the kitchen, too. Come find out what creative things I've been up to, and see if there is something that sparks an idea for you!
Rook No. 17 ~ recipes, crafts & creative nesting
The Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts
The Southern Institute is where I share my love for my family, my faith, sewing, and photography too. Everyone is welcome here! Hope to see you soon!
Live, Laugh, Love... Our Way
I'm Amy. This is our blog. This is where we share our crazy adventures of being newlyweds, an Air Force family, a Christian family, and a firefighting family. We're not perfect, but we're family. We also love to do reviews, and host giveaways. If you're interested in having your product/service reviewed, feel free to contact us!
Raising Amazing Daughters
My three grown daughters and I blog about life, family, parenting and what we did right and wrong in raising them. Yes, they're funny but we also hope that our experiences will help others make good parenting decisions. Stop by and join the chat.
Starving Artist's
A life blog sharing tips on raising a large family, how to live frugally, couponing, my love/hate relationship with housekeeping, working at home, fibromyalgia, my love of art, and lessons learned along the way of life, as well as recommendations of art and handicraft businesses of other wives/mothers.
Stuff and Nonsense
I am a wife, mom and Christian. My blog is somewhat eclectic in that my interests are many and varied. I write about homeschooling, decorating on a budget, frugal living, fashion, family and faith. And I throw in the occasional recipe for good measure. The title Stuff and Nonsense comes from a quote in Anne of Green Gables.
Prairie Mother
Just the daily life of a SAHM who tries to juggle artwork, cooking, crafts, Bible devotions while caring for 6yr. old twins and 18 month old toddler. On top of all that we recently moved from Indiana/Illinois to Southwest's a whole new world out here we are trying to settle into!!
One Creative Housewife
One Creative Housewife is an eclectic look at the adventures of a spunky, spontaneous gal. Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall in some hilarious, intriguing, or just plain weird situations? Here, you will find musings, tales, recipes, random thoughts, and quotes of the day.
Time Crafted
Time Crafted (verb) the act of altering personal time to include creativity, joy & smile worthy moments in our daily lives. You can find creative projects, Mama Talk, and musings here. Grab a cuppa, say 'hello', & enjoy!
Greening Sam and Avery
This is my daily journey to "green" my girls. I have made a commitment to myself, my girls and the blogging community to do one nature themed activity with my two girls, Samantha and Avery, everyday and then blog about how it went. I want to teach my girls about the environment and know that there is no better time to start then right now!
I'm a homeschooling SAHM of five little angels! I write about all our adventures and try to be a help to families across the blogosphere. Come join me for lesson plans, reviews, how-tos and so much more!
Confessions of a Crazy Mom
Random thoughts, opinions, and observations from a slightly insane stay-at-home mom.
Healthy Living and a Balanced You: Empowering Momspiration
Blog provides tips, tools and help for busy moms- health wellness, family/child safety, Inspiration and empowerment for busy moms today. Empowering Momspiration
Day in the life
I wanted to share my children and tell where they came from beacuse even though they are not all just from Ryan and I doesn't mean we are not a family! just starting out and getting the blog going
My Thoughts and Views
My blog has articles on baby care,new mothers,first aid,beauty tips,gardening tips,health tips,poems,love and marriage...
Home Remedies
I am a mommy by day, blogger/webmaster by night. I blog about health , beauty, family, money, and much more!
Sarah's Memories for My Girls
A effort to allow my girls to look back at the thoughts and experiences I had as a Woman, Wife, Friend, Daughter, and Mom.
Odyssey of a Mom Scholar
I'm a 35-year-old, happily married, mom of two daughters who started out as a college freshman again in August 2010 in order to pursue my dream of teaching high school Spanish and English. Join me in my journey to balancing all aspects of life!
Half-Baked Heritage
A collaborative effort between 3 friends who love to cook, make and sell candy, and love to share what they know with others...including all the stuff beyond the recipes!
Amy's Assorted Adventures
I'm a missionary mom who lives in the bush of Africa running an orphanage. No two days are alike and adventures abound. Blogging keeps me sane and lets me laugh at disasters because, "This will make a great post!"
One Happy Momma
Celebrating the joy of mommyhood! What makes YOU a happy mom?
My blog is about the journey to feeding my family healthier, while dealing with food allergies, picky eaters, a diabetic husband, and my chocolate addiction! With some reviews, giveaways and funny life stories along the way.
Kerrific Online
We are a young family of 5 with two student parents. Join us in our journey through life as we raise 2 kids two and under and our new baby arrives. Also enjoy the laughter from our 3 houseguests, Bo, Zip & Zap.
Joy Blessed Chaos
Joy Blessed Chaos is where I blog recipes, my favorite items I use, children, family, photography, cafts, fashion, faith and well... anything life.
Mommies Point of View
I talk about family, friends, reviews and giveaways with businesses I am in.
The (not so) Special Mother
A blog about my adventures as a mom to a special needs kid, a "regular" kid, a wife to my husband, and a caregiver to my younger sister.