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You Don't Know
Hi - I'm Brandy! I'm 30 years old. I'm a willy nilly hot mess. My lollygaggin money-wastin' husband Chris devoted himself to my craziness 12/99. We brought a little rolly-polly chubby-cheeked poop machine into this madness 12/08. I post real-life crap during the week and I host reviews and giveaways here on Saturdays. I throw in some crafty crap too!
Live, Laugh, Love... Our Way
Hey y'all, I'm Éimí (Amy in Gaelic), married to my best friend. I'm an Air Force Wife, and a Fire Fighters wife all at the same time. I'm a Christian..."As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"...I love to cook, and take pictures, and my life...anything you wanna know...just ask...I'm pretty open about my life...
Frugal Science Gal
This blog is based on great deals, freebies, reviews/giveaways, and science!
A Little Bit of Kooky
A Little Bit of Kooky is just THAT---KOOKY. It combines the every day kooky-ness with funny posts, craft tutorials, mom thoughts, giveaways, and a ton of randomness with a splash of quirkiness that only the Kooky Queen can give you. I love making new bloggy friends and it overjoys me to see I've made you smile. Come visit me!
I'm a Home-Mom. Home is where my kids are born, where they learn, play, where I cook and craft. Home is wherever Mom is.
Bloggy Blog Designz
We offer Blogger Designz that scream personality! Our main focus and number one priority is customer satisfaction!
Jessica's Coupons
Jessica's Coupons features the latest coupons, promotions and sales as well as giveaways and reviews of the coolest products.
Two Monkeys & a washtub
Life with two young boys & their great dane, finding myself through weight loss, cooking with kids, family freebies & activities, and of course great products and giveaways!
The Nutritionist Reviews
I'm Amanda. A twenty year old newlywed nutritionist. My blog is a mix of many product reviews and giveaways, recipes, healthy living tips, etc. all written by me.
Greening Sam and Avery
This is my daily journey to "green" my girls. I have made a commitment to myself, my girls and the blogging community to do one nature themed activity with my two girls, Samantha and Avery, everyday and then blog about how it went. I want to teach my girls about the environment and know that there is no better time to start then right now!
Quick Tattletails
I love doing Reviews and Giveaways, as well finding interesting things to blog about. Natural Health and Natural Health Tips are something I love sharing with people.
Healthy Living and a Balanced You: Empowering Momspiration
Blog provides tips, tools and help for busy moms- health wellness, family/child safety, Inspiration and empowerment for busy moms today. Empowering Momspiration
Texas Kitchen
Texas Kitchen does product reviews and giveaways, with a sprinkling of recipes
Kerrific Online
We are a young family of 5 with two student parents. Join us in our journey through life as we raise 2 kids two and under and our new baby arrives. Also enjoy the laughter from our 3 houseguests, Bo, Zip & Zap.
Mommies Point of View
I talk about family, friends, reviews and giveaways with businesses I am in.
My Coupon Library
I love a good deal! But, what I love even more is sharing a good deal with others. At my blog, My Coupon Library, I teach others how to coupon, share good deals I find, post healthy deals I find, share healthy living tips, and even do a giveaway every other week!